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Bella Vita Luxury Gift Set Unisex 4×20 ML


A set of 4 mini perfumes, including the iconic fragrances of White Oud, SKAI Aquatic, Fresh Unisex, and Patchouli Unisex.

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The Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set from Bella Vita Luxury is the perfect gift for both perfume novices and connoisseurs. Embark on a fragrant trip and welcome yourself to an appealing olfactive encounter as you open this box of four expertly blended concoctions.

  • White Oud: Infused with citrusy Artemisian Lemon, earthy , this parfum is a tantalizing and refreshing aroma that’ll elevate your holistic persona with the right amount of sweet & spice.
  • Skai: This parfum feels like the fresh breeze from the oceanic waves. Its subtle notes of bergamot, coriander will impart a prominent charm to your aura.

  • Fresh: This parfum is a refreshing amalgam of lavender, Bergamot and ylang ylang that’ll surround your personality with blooming aroma in the summery days of June.
  • Patchouli: This parfum is a sweet, spicy and smokey infusion of Patchouli, Indonesian patchouli and white musk. It’ll accentuate your senses with tranquility and be your everyday favourite in no time!


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